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Thanks for checking out all the BLOGGING posts from Mommy Over Work! Please find articles organized by subtopic below. Be sure to check our recommended resources to help you start a blog, learn the basics on how to start a successful blog, and how to make money blogging.

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Web hosting: Blue Host

If you want to turn your blog into a business, you're going to want to self-host your blog. For full transparency, this blog is with SiteGround but I recommend Blue Host (which my sister is using). SiteGround has good customer service as I've used the chat feature to figure out technical issues in the beginning stages of blogging (in connecting my domain name with the hosting service, and configuring my email), but the fact that I ran into multiple issues that led me to contact them got annoying. My sister hasn't had any issues with Blue Host, plus we discovered this 1-second web hosting hack that saves you about $200 so that made Blue Host even better.

Check out my quick web hosting hack to save big with Blue Host.

Starting a Blog Foundation: Depends on your learning style

I've taken several blogging for beginner courses because I wanted a solid foundation. Here are my thoughts on two top courses:

Best Start a Blog course if you're a visual/audio learner: Blog by Number by Start a Mom Blog

This ecourse and ebook provides the basis for setting up your blog, from idea to the technical set up of your blog. It also covers some basics of social media promotion on Pinterest and Facebook. Suzi makes great visual slides and handouts to help you get organized.

One crucial component that is missing is setting up your email list to get your first subscribers, which I believe is not as important in the very beginning when you're starting out and have a huge learning curve with everything else related to starting up a blog.

Check out Start a Mom Blog's Blog by Number Course.


Best Start a Blog if you want precision and structure: Blog Start Up by Meera Kothand

This is an ebook only, but is jam-packed with a detailed overview of what you need to set your blog up for success. This course lacks the technical set-up aspect, but it is more informative on helping you figure out the overall picture of your blog and where you want it to head. It does include guidance on setting up your first successful opt-in to get subscribers, as email marketing is Meera's specialty. If you function better with a detailed step-by-step plan, then this one is for you.

I think this course is great as a solid foundation for a niche blog. If you are not confident on your niche or want to start out as a general lifestyle blog first and then hone in on your niche (or not), then you should consider the next resource.

Also, I've corresponded with Meera on several occasions, and she is one of my favorite bloggers that I highly respect. Not just for her expertise, but genuine care for her supporters. From when I first started out to now, she has always been genuine and timely in her responses. One of the most down-to-earth bloggers you'll meet.

Check out Meera Kothand's Blog Start Up.

Getting traffic to your blog: Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

Pinterest is the best platform to get your blog off the ground. This affordable ebook is a manual pinning strategy to gain traffic through Pinterest. I swear by this, having jumped from 1,000 pageview a months to 50,000 in a single month. Though it is a bit time-consuming, I love that you don't rely on scheduling tools and that you can see results quite quickly.

Get your copy of Pinteresting Strategies and boost your blog traffic.


Creating graphics: Canva

This free tool helps you create stunning graphics for your blog. There are optimized templates for each of the major social media platforms as well. I've done fine with the free version and haven't upgraded to the business plan yet.


Email service provider: MailerLite

Building an email list turns your one-time visitors into a returning audience (and potential customers!). In comparing email service providers, I couldn't justify the monthly fee for Convertkit so early on in my blog. MailerLite and MailChimp are both free until you hit a certain number of subscribers, but the rates are cheaper with MailerLite even though the features are comparable.

Sign up for free with Mailerlite, and get a $20 credit for when you do make it big and need to start paying for subscribers.

Make money blogging with affiliate marketing: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Garner

One way to set your blog up to earn money is through affiliate marketing, in which you promote third-party products and services. I took this course in my first month blogging, and am glad to report that I made my investment back in about 2 weeks of taking this course. I still continue to make a couple hundred dollars a month in affiliate marketing.

Read my full review of this popular affiliate marketing course to see if it's right for you.