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You should take care of your skin, not only to look good, but for your overall health. Using affordable face masks like these make for an easy beauty regimen. The vitamin E, collagen, and other minerals to keep your tired skin clear, lively and healthy (Read: easy way to look decent enough when you don't get enough sleep because you're Superwoman).

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These best-selling good quality Lularoe-like leggings are popular for good reason. They're comfortable and buttery soft (elastic waistband for the win!). From plain black to bold patterns, you're bound to find a print fit to your tastes. Best of all, you're not sacrificing quality for a price point much kinder to your wallet.

Wear them in the house, when you're out and about, or even for exercise, like for any of these easy 30-day fitness challenges that will get you results in just a month.

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Seriously, coconut oil is magic. You can use it in your cooking as a healthier oil alternative, like in these low-carb snacks and desserts, or as part of your beauty routine, like a part of these natural home remedies to combat cellulite. It's such a versatile product that you're bound to find great use for.